Devouring Information

With the success I was seeing I became ravenous for information about keto.  So in March 2017 I decided to go back to my preferred information gathering medium, podcasts.  I wanted to add to the excellent “2 Keto Dudes” podcast I was already listening to.  I started with “Keto Talk[1] by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Adam Nally and the “Ketovangelist” podcast by Brian Williamson.  I quickly added “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” by Jimmy Moore, and “Fasting Talk[2] by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos.
[1] Dr. Adam Nally has left the “Keto Talk” podcast and been replaced by Dr. Will Cole.  Dr. Cole is a good addition.
[2] The “Fasting Talk” podcast has been discontinued.  However, the Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos have started “The Obesity Code” podcast instead.

The “2 Keto Dudes” podcast gives a good practical advice of how to live the ketogenic lifestyle as well as delves into the science to help explain how and why keto works.  The hosts, Carl and Richard, often have guests to help elaborate on a specific topic. The “Ketovangelist” podcast is similar, but it doesn’t have the easy banter between two hosts and Brian often will do solo podcasts which contain good information, but are generally not as entertaining.  “Keto Talk” focuses more on answering listener questions using the experience of the hosts.   “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” is a menagerie of styles, often having guests or reviewing recent studies, or replays from the Low-Carb Cruises.  “Fasting Talk” started by giving background on how Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos started introducing fasting as a way to treat type 2 diabetes.  They also had several listener question shows and interviews with fasting patients.

These podcasts gave me a wealth of information that I could use to improve my keto way of life.  I realized that my main issue was insulin resistance and in order to reduce my insulin resistance I needed to give my body a break from insulin.  One thing I had resisted up until then was giving up Diet Mountain Dew, known to me as “nectar of the gods”.  I had a bad diet dew habit, drinking anywhere from 6 to 12 cans a day.  But the artificial sweeteners in diet dew caused an insulin response and I desperately needed to give my body a break from overloading it with insulin.  So the dew had to go.

I also realized I was slipping back in to my low-carb Atkins way of eating, and not actual keto.  While my carb intake was low, less than 20 grams of total carbohydrates per day, my protein was too high and my fat too low.  So I concentrated on not overdoing the protein and looking for ways to get healthy fats into my diet.  Macadamia nuts and butter were two of my favorite choices.

After a while of listening to the “Ketovangelist” podcast I realized there was a spin off, “Ketovangelist Kitchen” with Brian Williamson and Carrie Brown.  Carrie Brown was a former professional pastry chef.  She has converted to a ketogenic diet and is obsessed with making everyone a “rock star” in the kitchen. I must say I absolutely love Carrie Brown.  She has several fantastic recipes and a great personality on the podcast, also her British accent is adorable.  This podcast has increased my confidence in the kitchen.

I was also learning about fasting, both on “Fasting Talk” and “2 Keto Dudes”.  At first I thought these people must be insane.  How could someone go 24 hours without eating?  What kind of sadistic torture is this? But the more I thought about it the more it was starting to make sense.  If my problem was insulin resistance, I needed to give my body a break from insulin.  All food causes an insulin response.  Carbs cause a big insulin response, protein causes a moderate insulin response and fat causes a negligible insulin response.  So the less often I was eating food, the less often I was telling my body to release insulin.  And not eating has a lower insulin response than eating.

I wasn’t quite ready to go for full on fasting, but I decided to cut out snacks and stop eating breakfast.  On keto eating two meals a day was easy.  Although I’ve always loved breakfast food, I’m not much of a breakfast eater.  In fact, I’m not much of a morning person in general, so making lunch my first meal of the day made perfect sense.

Next I was ready for some books.  Being me, that meant audio books of course. The books I decided to start with were “Keto Clarity” by Eric C. Westman MD, and Jimmy Moore, “The Complete Guide to Fasting” by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung, “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung, and “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes.  It wasn’t until July 2017 that I started listening to the books, but we’ll get to that in future posts.


I was on my way to taking my Keto diet to the next level.  And I was about to go even further as I began to discover the benefits of fasting which I will discuss in my next post.  Because this is Thanksgiving week here in the United States, my next post won't be coming out until next week.  You can also read my previous post which discusses my process of getting off of 120 units of Lantus each day.


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