My Keto Christmas (Part 2 of 2)

My last post discussed how I handled Christmas when others were guests at our house.  This post will discuss the second half of my holiday celebration when I traveled from Minnesota to Florida to spend some Christmas time with my mother. 

It can be challenging when traveling to follow any diet.  Fortunately, we really only had about 6 hours each way of travel, so we mainly opted to fast during the travel.  We ate a small breakfast before heading to the airport (normally we skip breakfast), then ate dinner after we arrived at our destination.  Because we are fat adapted, it is easy to go 6-8 hours without eating.  We did the same for the trip back home.   

One thing we were sure to bring was Truvia packets.  We have found that Truvia, an erythritol-stevia blend, seems to cause a low insulin response when compared to other artificial sweeteners.  So we use this in our coffee.  Strictly speaking, I believe we would be better off not using sweetener if possible, but Truvia is the lesser of all evils in this case.  We used that when getting coffee at the airport or at my mom’s house.  She did actually buy some “Pure Stevia” packets from Costco, but they actually contained glucose (sugar) and weren’t useful for us.

One advantage I have is that my mother is very supportive of my diet.  She is fairly health conscious and has even been vegan in the past, so she understands trying to eat a healthy diet.  She tried to make it as easy as possible for us by having lots of keto options for us.  In fact, she even decided to try following keto for the couple of days while we were there.  She had deviled eggs, cream cheese and dried beef wrapped pickles, ribeye steaks, macadamia nuts and a pork roast all ready for us.  The only real change we made is we ate earlier in the day than usual in order to be social.

I know not every trip will be as easy as this one, but I have to thank my mother for being so understanding and accommodating.

In my next post I'll have a movie review of "Fasting" a documentary about fasting.  You can also read my last post which was part 1 of my keto Christmas story.


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