Should Everyone Be Keto

I’ve had some people ask me if everyone should follow a ketogenic diet.  I think when people ask that question they want a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter answer to everyone’s dietary needs.  And based upon the interactions I’ve had with people in the keto community, there is way more variability with how people react to their diets than I ever would have guessed.  Some of this is food sensitivities, some may be related to gut biome, maybe some genetics or the amount of damage already done to your system.

So what I can say is that I believe I require a low-carb diet that lowers the
insulin response to my diet.  But I think that is largely necessary after eating far too many carbs for far too long.  I’m now metabolically deranged and I have to pay the price.  I know there are other people who can maintain a ketogenic state eating far more carbs than I could even dream of.  And from what I’ve seen it seems like most people could benefit from a lower carb diet, and I think everyone could benefit from eating more real food and less processed stuff.

So I think we as a keto community should encourage others to try keto and see if they experience the same benefits we do, even if their keto looks a little different than ours.  But we should also accept if someone finds something that works for them.  After all I’m not going back to eating carbage no matter what anyone says.

So to summarize, while my belief is that most people would benefit from keto, but I certainly don’t know enough of the science or everyone’s individual situation to know if it is the best option for them.  So I will live the keto lifestyle as an example, but not try to push or cajole others into following me.

My next post will discuss my latest hbA1c lab results.  You can also read my last post which described  "Fasting February".


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