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My Longest Fast Completed

I completed my longest fast of over 12 days (309:39) on Friday evening.  I lost 20 pounds over those 12 days and by the end I was struggling to keep up on my electrolytes.  In hindsight I think I should have broken my fast a day earlier.  Because I was dehydrated, I expect to regain 5 to 10 pounds of this fasting weight.  In fact, as of Sunday morning, I've already gained back 5 pounds.  I was planning on starting my next fast after Saturday dinner, but I opted to go for one more day of feasting to make sure I have adequate electrolytes and am ready to go.

I broke my fast even more slowly than normal.  During such a long fast, your digestive tract goes to "sleep".  You need to wake it up so it is able to process the food that you eat.  Otherwise it will run right through you.  This is known to some in the keto community as "disaster pants".  I broke with 7 macadamia nuts, a quarter cup of pickle juice, and a small pickle.  The pickle juice was to help replenish…

It Keeps On Going and Going

I'm still in the middle of the fourth fast of "Fasting February" which is definitely the longest fast of my life. As I write this I'm over 266 hours (over 11 days) fasted.  NOTE:  Fasts over 7 days should always be monitored by your physician. I'm pretty psyched about accomplishing such a long fast.  But it really hasn't been that hard.  I've been very diligent about keeping up on my salt, magnesium and water to keep my hydration and electrolytes normal.  I am also officially in the 230's although I expect that when I start to re-feed I will go back into the 240's for weight.

I'm  not sure when I will break this fast, but it will probably be today or tomorrow.   I will only have another couple of days to fast to meet my goal of 20 days fasted in February. In any case I consider this quite an accomplishment.  I've also gotten my largest blood ketone reading of 6.7.

I also have the next meetup for the Minnesota Ketonians group scheduled for M…

My Longest Fast

I'm currently in the middle of the fourth fast of "Fasting February" the longest fast of my life. As I write this I'm over 203 hours fasted.  NOTE:  Fasts over 7 days should always be monitored by your physician. I got my electrolytes, potassium and magnesium levels back from the lab and all are in normal range.  So I should be fine continuing as long as my body is telling me its OK.

I'm particularly interested in doing this experiment now because as I continue to lose body fat, I may not have the fat reserves to handle fasts of this length easily for much longer. (A good problem to have!)  I have noted a few things different from the 4-5 days fasts which I do regularly:

When I wake in the morning I cannot get back to sleep.  I'm getting 5-6 hours of sleep instead of the 7-8 that I normally get.When I wake up I feel dehydrated.  I take salt and water immediately, so the problem is remedied quickly. But that is something I don't normally experience.My weigh…

95 Hours Fasted and Feeling Fine

I’ve finally found my groove and am feeling great doing an extended fast.I started my fast on Saturday evening and as I’m writing this I’m 95 hours fasted.It should be over 100 hours by the time this is published.I went for a 2.5 mile walk over “lunch” and have been getting plenty of salt and drinking lots of water.
This is my fourth fast of “Fasting February” and I’m hoping to make it my longest fast ever (8 days was my previous record).I’ll get my electrolytes checked at the doctor’s office around day 7, just to make sure I’m not depleted on minerals, potassium and magnesium.But I’m not expecting any issues.
I’ve lost 6 pounds on this fast so far, and 13 in “Fasting February”.My blood ketones are currently at 4.7 mmol/L, my biggest reading ever.I’m also participating in the February Zorn Fast on the ketogenic forums, which lasts until Sunday.So I’ll have company fasting until then, but I’m hoping to make it even longer.
I’m also a member of a couple of Facebook groups, which also gi…