Fasting Updates

You may remember from my last blog post that my wife shared her flue with me.  I did get some mild flu symptoms, but the Tamiflu really kept it from becoming much.  I just had low energy and a little nausea without any vomiting or fever.  I have been working from home to prevent the spread of the disease, but it definitely could have been much worse.

I fasted Monday and Tuesday and feasted Wednesday.  My plan is to fast Thursday and Friday, feast Saturday, then start a fast again on Sunday.  Especially while recovering from the flu, I’ve been very diligent drinking water and keeping my electrolytes in good shape.  I don’t believe the fasting has negatively impacted my recovery at all.

Tonight I tried a new recipe, Low Carb Bagel Dogs from  They were pretty good, but I think I’ll try adding a little kosher salt next time.  Also having a low-carb chili to dip them in would be mighty tasty too.

So far I’ve fasted 127 hours, so I’m still on pace to make the 20 days in February.  I think I’m past the worst of the flu and should be on the mend.  I’ve put my exercise routine on hold since Sunday, and I’ll decide tomorrow how to ease back into it.

 Fast Begins  Fast Ends  Fast Hours  Total Fast Hours  Total Fast Days
1/31/18 7:31 PM  2/3/18 11:38 AM  64:07  64:07  2.67 
2/4/18 9:20 PM  2/7/18 12:36 PM  63:16  127:23  5.31 

My weight has fluctuated quite a bit so far.  I started off at 262 pounds the morning of January 31.  Then was 258 on February 2, down to 254 on February 3.  But I was back to 262 on February 5.  This may be because I’m hyper paranoid about hydration and I probably put on lots of water weight.  As of February 7 I’m back down to 254 pounds.  Dr. Jason Fung says you lose an average of half a pound of fat per day of fasting, so I should have lost about 4 pounds of fat so far.  I’ve still got a lot of the month left, so plenty of time to lock in a lower weight.

My next post will include more updates about Fasting February as well as synopsis of a meat up with fellow Minnesota Ketonians. You can also read my last blog post about my lowest weight of the century.


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