First Meeting of Minnesota Ketonians

Taking a page out of Carl Franklin’s playbook, I decided to start a ketogenic diet group for the Minnesota area.  Hence Minnesota Ketonians was born.  On Saturday, February 10, 2018 we had the first meeting of the Minnesota Ketonian’s group.  We had 10 attendees including the Keto beast herself, Brenda Zorn.  My plan was to start with introductions and then have a discussion of what we would like the meetup group to be.  But everyone was so excited with their introductions and it generated so much conversation that it took up the entire hour.   We held the meeting in the Roseville library community room, and the library was closing at the end of our hour.  So we were literally kicked out as we finished up.

But I think there was a lot of good information shared.  There was also a wide variety of experience, from people doing keto for 4 years to just getting ready to try it out.  Everyone in attendance seemed anxious for the next meeting.  I’m hoping this group will be a good way for people to help each other succeed with the ketogenic diet.  For now, I’m thinking there will be at least a monthly meetup similar to this.  Maybe in the future we’ll have different kinds of meetups, like pot lucks or restaurant outings.

I hope this information helped the new ketonians decide to gain the advantages that the ketogenic diet has to offer.  I also hope they weren’t scared off by discussion about fasting.  I want to remind everyone that fasting is not a requirement for the ketogenic diet.  You can be very successful without ever fasting.

One point of failure, I neglected to get any pictures of the meetup group.  Despite that I assure you it did happen and it was awesome!  My wife made some excellent keto peanut butter cheese cakes.  I think they went over fairly well with the group.


My weight has been bouncing between 262 pounds and 254 pounds so far.  I’ve completed a 64-hour, a 63-hour and a 46-hour fast so far.  I’ve started another fast that I’m planning to be at least 5 days.  Because of my flu, I kept the first few fasts short.  But I’m feeling much better and ready to try something a little bit longer.  I also have a standing order at the doctor’s office to get my electrolytes checked at any point.  I expect I’ll be below 250 pounds by the end of this fast.  (Although maybe not permanently.)

 Fast Begins  Fast Ends  Fast Hours  Total Fast Hours  Total Fast Days
1/31/18 7:31 PM  2/3/18 11:38 AM  64:07  64:07  2.67 
2/4/18 9:20 PM  2/7/18 12:36 PM  63:16  127:23  5.31 
2/7/18 8:09 PM  2/9/18 6:46 PM  46:37  174:00  7.25 

 Date  Fasting Day?  AM Pounds  AM Glucose  PM Ketones
1/31/2018   No 262  95  1.1 
2/1/2018   Yes 263  105  2.0 
2/2/2018   Yes 258  96  3.0 
2/3/2018   No 254  77  1.9 
2/4/2018   No 258  81  1.4 
2/5/2018   Yes 262  105  1.3 
2/6/2018   Yes 258  89  3.2 
2/7/2018   No 254  79  1.9 
2/8/2018   Yes 258  94  3.3 
2/9/2018   Yes 255  83  1.4 
2/10/2018   No 255  89  2.2 
2/11/2018   Yes 257  91  2.5 

My next post will contain more updates for Fasting February.  You can also read my last post which had updates for Fasting February as well.


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