Lowest Weight of the Century

 As I’ve blogged previously, I’m doing “Fasting February”.  I woke up on February 2nd with my lowest weight of the century at 258 pounds.  I briefly got down to 260 pounds in 2002 when I tried the Atkins diet.  Even if I do bounce over this weight again, I’ll hopefully be below 260 by the end of Fasting February.

I’ve had a few questions about how I fast.  There are probably almost as many fasting techniques as there are people who fast.  I don’t eat any food or bone broth when I fast.  Even though many people drink bone broth when they fast, I find it stimulates my appetite too much.  So here’s what I do:

  • Every few hours I place some course grain sea salt under my tongue.  Sea salt helps replenish your electrolytes and placing it under the tongue promotes fast absorption.
  • I will have coffee with sea salt, cinnamon, and Truvia (a stevia and erythritol blend).  The sea salt helps to cut the bitterness of the coffee.  The cinnamon helps to control blood sugar.  I would be better off without the Truvia because artificial sweeteners do cause and insulin response, however I just haven’t gotten used to drinking black coffee.  I am considering dropping the cinnamon because my blood sugar is well controlled now and the carbohydrates in the cinnamon may inhibit autophagy, one of the benefits of fasting.
  • I sip water all day long to maintain hydration.  You are better off sipping all day long because drinking a lot of water at once can deplete your electrolytes further.

So far I have fasted for 64 hours and feasted over the Super Bowl weekend.  I do have one complicating factor.  My wife had a severe flu earlier this week.  She was actually in the ER for 8 hours to get fluids and anti-nausea medication.  It appears I may be coming down with that flu.   I did get some Tamiflu, which may help prevent me from getting the worst of it, but I’m still feeling a little run down none-the-less.  As I write this Sunday evening, I’m still planning on fasting Monday, but I will re-evaluate based upon how I feel and do whatever is best for my health.

Overall I’m pretty excited to have my lowest weight of the century.  Hopefully it will be permanent by the end of February.

My next post will include updates for Fasting February.  You can also read my last post with talks about the start of Fasting February.


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