Minnesota Ketonians Meetup Grows

On Saturday, March 10 we had the second meeting of the Minnesota Ketonians meetup group with 20 people attending.  There were some new faces in addition to several returning people.  One couple started keto since the last meetup group. The attendees were fantastic and there was lots of good conversation.  You can read a recap of the meeting here.  This is a decent growth for our second meeting.  People seemed genuinely enthusiastic for the next meeting.  I have to admit that I am too!

Of course it’s also great to have Brenda Zorn as a member of the group.  She has been doing keto and fasting for a few years and is very knowledgeable about the diet.  Also she has started working with Dr. Jason Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management group and will be an excellent resource for local Ketonians.

I’ve also created a website for the meetup group at https://MinnesotaKetonians.com.  The twitter is @MNKetonians.  You can also send emails to MinnesotaKetonians@gmail.com.  I think this group could be a great way for people to support each other.  As always please provide any feedback to help make this a great group for everyone!

My next blog post will cover my gratitude for the keto community and my hope that we will all help pay it forward.  You can also read my last blog post which covered my DexaFit Body Composition scan results.


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