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The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill is a documentary directed by Robert Tate and Produced by Robert Tate and Pete Evans.  This film does the best job of explaining why a low carb diet is so important for many people's health. The film is available on Netflix, or can be purchased or rented on Amazon.

The film describes how diet can help improve the Aboriginal people in Australia.  It also shows how diet can impact a boy with autism. It also mentions obesity, diabetes and autism.  It isn't strictly speaking a "keto" movie, but it describes how a low carb diet and intermittent fasting can dramatically improve your life.  Of course it is describing a low-carb high-fat diet.  And many keto people are in the movie including Dr. Jason Fung, Nina Teicholz and Nora Gedgaudas.

Below is the film trailer:

If you haven't watched this yet, I'd strongly encourage you to.

My next post will cover some keto goodness, or you can read my last post which covered the results of cruising while keto.

Results of Cruising while Keto

You may remember from my last blog was discussing the challenges of cruising while keto.  I have some updates, some good news and bad news.  First I think I was able to eat fairly cleanly for my cruise.  I think my diet was more or less successful.  I also was able to work out using the exercise room on the cruise ship.  I liked that quite a bit and felt like I got a better work out that at home.

However shortly after my last blog post, I came down with a full blown sinus infection.  I had a cough which I still am not completely over.  This exacerbated my sleep issues as my cough was keeping me awake.  The plane ride home was also quite miserable as the pressure in my sinuses was quite painful with the altitude changes during the flight.  I ended up being quite sick upon returning home and missed another week of work while I recuperated.

I waited a few days after getting home before staring a 10 day course of antibiotics.  Because Augmentin is particularly hard on the GI tract, I'…