Results of Cruising while Keto

You may remember from my last blog was discussing the challenges of cruising while keto.  I have some updates, some good news and bad news.  First I think I was able to eat fairly cleanly for my cruise.  I think my diet was more or less successful.  I also was able to work out using the exercise room on the cruise ship.  I liked that quite a bit and felt like I got a better work out that at home.

However shortly after my last blog post, I came down with a full blown sinus infection.  I had a cough which I still am not completely over.  This exacerbated my sleep issues as my cough was keeping me awake.  The plane ride home was also quite miserable as the pressure in my sinuses was quite painful with the altitude changes during the flight.  I ended up being quite sick upon returning home and missed another week of work while I recuperated.

I waited a few days after getting home before staring a 10 day course of antibiotics.  Because Augmentin is particularly hard on the GI tract, I've been eating both breakfast and dinner each day.  So not only haven't I been fasting, my eating window has also been larger than normal.  I also didn't exercise for a while because I thought it would have been counterproductive.

All of this means it is very hard to draw any conclusions about the cruise that aren't confounded by my illness.  My am blood sugars have been ranging from the low 100s to as high as 140.  I've had ketone readings anywhere from none to 0.7.  This is not unusual when I'm sick.  My blood sugar is much higher when I'm ill, even if I'm eating 100% keto.  I just took my last dose of antibiotic, so I should be able to start fasting which will regulate my blood sugar quickly.

I ended up weighing the same as when I left upon returning home.  However I've gained 10 pounds since I've been home.  I chalk that up to my illness and I expect most of that weight to fall off quickly once I re-introduce fasting.  I've also started to work out, although at a lower level than when I left.  My strength has definitely diminished after two weeks without any working out.

I still managed to enjoy my cruise even though I was ill.  And I expect this weight gain to only be a minor set back.  I will keep calm and keto on and attempt to get back to where I was.  I'm most looking forward to a higher energy level.  I'm still not back to where I was pre-cruise.

I'm not sure what or when my next post will be, but you can read my last post which was an update while I was on the cruise.


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