Ketofest 2018

For the second year in a row I went to Ketofest, a festival celebrating the ketogenic lifestyle put on by the 2 Keto Dudes and all of their administrators.  Last year we took a two week road trip out and back, this year we flew leaving us more time at Ketofest.

Ketofest activities started with "Fasting Friday".  This day was sponsored by the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) program.  The entire IDM team was there except for my coach Nadia.  She was busy moving to a new continent, so she had a good excuse.  There was lots of good information at the morning talk.  It really is amazing how the simple act of not eating all of the time can make such a huge difference to your health.  It was a packed room and they had to bring in extra tables.

During one of the breaks I was able to chat with Carrie Brown of Ketovangelist Kitchen fame.  She is one of my favorite voices to listen to on podcasts, so it was great to be able to meet her.  She was very gracious with her time and is just as awesome in person as she is on the podcasts.

I then had an exercise class with Alan Misner of 40+ fitness.  I'm definitely in better shape this year than last year because I was able to walk the next day without any issues.  It has definitely been a good thing that I have been exercising since December.

This year I also decided to volunteer.  There is no better way I can think of to help be a part of something bigger than yourself than volunteering.  I helped to set up parade plaza on Saturday as well as with registration.  I help for a little bit serving coffee on Science Sunday and also helped pick up Isaac center on Sunday.  A lot of people volunteered.  It was also a great way to meet other ketonians.

The only complaint I have is I wanted to do it all.  I saw a cooking demonstration for chocolate ganache by Chef Taffiny Elrod.  I would have liked to have seen several others.  There were also several live podcasts being streamed on Saturday, and I would have liked to have seen them all.  The food was great.  The roasted pig was awesome, but my favorite was probably the clam chowder.  This is like because it's the first time I've had chowder since going Keto.

On Science Sunday, I missed most of the talks, but I plan on watching them all from the saved stream.  I did enjoy Dr. Peter Ballerstedt talk about the sustainability of ruminant agriculture.  And Nina Teicholz was amazing as always.  I also really enjoyed Amy Berger insightful talk about Alzheimer's and how the ketogenic diet may be effective at treating it.

I think even more than the information available, the sense of community is what I'll take away from Ketofest most of all.  We're all in this together improving our health one low-carb bite at a time.

In my next post I'll discuss the Keto cooking class I took the day after Ketofest.  You can also ready my previous post which discussed how to keep calm and keto on when life gets in the way.


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