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Keto Cooking Class

As I mentioned in my last post, when my wife and I heard that Chef Taffiny Elrod would be offering cooking classes after Ketofest, we couldn't wait to give it a try.  There was a beginner class in the morning and an intermediate class in the afternoon.  We signed up for both although we were really beginners based upon experience. Chef Elrod did a great job explaining why certain techniques were useful in the kitchen which I found very useful since I have no formal training.

Our first adventure was a keto blini.  This is a small pancake made with psyllium husk powder.  They were very light and meant to serve as a vehicle for some other rich flavors. In this case it was crème fraiche with smoked salmon.  It was quite delightful.

The main course was seared duck breast.  I had never had duck before and wasn't sure if I would like it but it was wonderful.  We scored the duck breast through all the skin to allow fat to render and seasoned with salt and pepper.  We let the breast c…