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Non-Scale Victories

Most people, including me, tend to over-emphasize weight as a measure of success of a diet or lifestyle.  The true measures should be overall health and quality if life.  And while excess weight can be an indicator of health problems, it is possible to be very healthy but still have a few extra pounds. Another issue is that losing a bunch of weight can cause your body to panic and decide to slow your weight lost to prevent you from losing any more.  If weight is your sole focus, this can be rather demoralizing.  That's why I think its important to have other measures of success as well, also known as non-scale victories.  So I decided to discuss a couple of non-scale victories in this blog post. Over the Labor Day weekend I went to my father's house to help him with a few activities.  This included mixing about a 1/2 cubic yard of concrete and putting in some steps in his back yard, repairing an old shelving unit that my grandfather built, moving a heavy concrete fountain,

My Keto Success Story

I figure it's time for me to start sharing my story more openly and publicly.  So I posted my keto story on the ketogenic forums and I'm posting it here as well. This is the beginning of a few changes to be a little more open. My name is John Somsky, I was born in 1968 and have struggled with my weight my entire life.   I went on my first diet when I was in the second grade.   I’ve tried nearly every diet imaginable and have literally lost hundreds of pounds on these diets over the course of my life.   And with each diet I’ve eventually gained back everything I lost with a little extra for good measure.   I’ve always thought of myself as “the fat kid”, which has been frustrating and a source of shame for me.   As a child, I always needed to order the largest shirt available when participating in extra-curricular activities and I had to shop in the “husky” section for jeans.   I was always very aware of my extra weight.   Despite being fairly short, I wrestled in the 168