Non-Scale Victories

Most people, including me, tend to over-emphasize weight as a measure of success of a diet or lifestyle.  The true measures should be overall health and quality if life.  And while excess weight can be an indicator of health problems, it is possible to be very healthy but still have a few extra pounds.

Another issue is that losing a bunch of weight can cause your body to panic and decide to slow your weight lost to prevent you from losing any more.  If weight is your sole focus, this can be rather demoralizing.  That's why I think its important to have other measures of success as well, also known as non-scale victories.  So I decided to discuss a couple of non-scale victories in this blog post.

Over the Labor Day weekend I went to my father's house to help him with a few activities.  This included mixing about a 1/2 cubic yard of concrete and putting in some steps in his back yard, repairing an old shelving unit that my grandfather built, moving a heavy concrete fountain, putting up gutters on his garage and moving a heavy kiln.

We worked three 12 hour days in a row to accomplish all of this.  Because my dad had shoulder surgery in March and is scheduling another one this fall, I did almost all of the heavy lifting.  I was able to move the 175 pound kiln, 90 pound bags of Portland cement and work and stand all day without any issues.  Keep in mind that a few years ago I couldn't stand for more than 30-40 minutes without my back seizing and my energy level wouldn't have allowed that much activity.  That's quite a change for me.

I also discovered that I need to replace most of my workout shorts.  They are all too big and fall off, and NOBODY wants that to happen.

What non-scale victories help to motivate you?

Also as a follow-up to my last blog post, my story was read on Episode 134 of the 2KetoDudes Podcast.  It is an honor that they thought my story might help others.

Until my next blog post is ready, you can read my last post about my keto success story.


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