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Keto MinneFest Kickstarter Sold Out

The Keto MinneFest hosted by the Minnesota Ketonians group successfully sold all 70 tickets available through the Kickstarter in just over two weeks.  That's faster than we had anticipated.  However we still have 60 more tickets available through Eventbrite .  There is also a recreational river walk and a river run available prior to the event for those that are interested. This is a big event and we are also going to need some volunteers.  If you bought your tickets through the Kickstarter, we will be reaching out to see if you want to volunteer for a shift serving, setting up or cleaning up.  We are very excited by the interest that the keto community has shown for this event, and we look forward to offering an excellent keto event. Maria Emmerich I also really like our logo which was designed by one of our members.  I'm very grateful for all of the hard work being done by everyone.  I'm also very grateful for Maria Emmerich being so generous with her time.  Yo

Steak Experiment, Part 2

16 pound Ribeye cut and prepared for sous vide I'm about half way through my 6 weeks of eating nothing but steak.  The first two weeks consist of steak, salt and water.  The second two add in caffeinated coffee and the third two replace the coffee with decaf.  I underestimated the amount of effort that it takes to record everything you eat precisely.  So I thought I'd use this post to let you know the logistics.  It makes me truly appreciate the effort that people like Dave Feldman and Siobahn Huggins go through when performing experiments. I happen to be using the sous vide to cook all of my steaks.  It makes it easier to get them exactly how I like them.  So I tend to put two steaks in the sous vide in the morning.  I sear them in a cast iron frying pan when I get home from work.  One of them I eat for dinner, the other I cut up and put in a baggie for my lunch at work.  I just went to Costco and purchased 24 Ribeye steaks and 8 New York Strip.  That should get me mostl

Keto MinneFest

I've discussed my trips to the first two Ketofest events held in New London, Connecticut. Inspired by this a few of us in the Minnesota Ketonians meetup group have decided to hold a Keto MiniFest.  This is an arrangement made with 2 Keto Dudes to hold an event that honors the spirit of the original Ketofest. For our first event we will have four different cooking demonstrations, two of which will be performed by Maria Emmerich.  We will also have a science portion which will be presented by Maria Emmerich. There are several people working very hard to make this event a reality.  The awesome logo was created by Claudia, one of our members.  The Kickstarter will allow you to get reduced price tickets while they are available.  I recommend getting your tickets early because it will likely sell out.  Check out for more information. I'm not sure what my next blog post will entail, but until then you can read my previous post about the steak experi

Steak Experiment

It's been too long since my last blog post, but life has gotten in the way as it has a tendency to do.  But I have some interesting pieces of information to share, so its time to start blogging a little bit again. For this blog, I'm going to share the Steak Experiment I'm doing with Brenda Zorn of the IDM program and coordinated through Siobahn Huggins (working with Dave Feldman of the Cholesterol Code site).   The test is to see how coffee interacts with a steak diet.  The fist two weeks is just steak, water and a little salt.  The second two weeks I get to add black coffee.  The third two weeks I switch to decaf coffee.  So only steak water and salt for food, no spices, no condiments nothing else. As I write this I'm almost done with the first two weeks.  I was having issues after Christmas and had gotten up to 257 pounds.  I'm back down to 240 now and I'm feeling fairly good.  The first few days were hard as I went through caffeine withdrawal.  But I&