Keto MinneFest Kickstarter Sold Out

The Keto MinneFest hosted by the Minnesota Ketonians group successfully sold all 70 tickets available through the Kickstarter in just over two weeks.  That's faster than we had anticipated.  However we still have 60 more tickets available through Eventbrite.  There is also a recreational river walk and a river run available prior to the event for those that are interested.

This is a big event and we are also going to need some volunteers.  If you bought your tickets through the Kickstarter, we will be reaching out to see if you want to volunteer for a shift serving, setting up or cleaning up.  We are very excited by the interest that the keto community has shown for this event, and we look forward to offering an excellent keto event.

Maria Emmerich
I also really like our logo which was designed by one of our members.  I'm very grateful for all of the hard work being done by everyone.  I'm also very grateful for Maria Emmerich being so generous with her time.  You'll be able to purchase her books at the event too.  (And she has a lot of great ones.
) Hope to see you there!

Until my next blog post is available you can also read my last blog post which is a follow-up on the steak experiment.


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