Keto MinneFest

I've discussed my trips to the first two Ketofest events held in New London, Connecticut. Inspired by this a few of us in the Minnesota Ketonians meetup group have decided to hold a Keto MiniFest.  This is an arrangement made with 2 Keto Dudes to hold an event that honors the spirit of the original Ketofest.

For our first event we will have four different cooking demonstrations, two of which will be performed by Maria Emmerich.  We will also have a science portion which will be presented by Maria Emmerich.

There are several people working very hard to make this event a reality.  The awesome logo was created by Claudia, one of our members. 
The Kickstarter will allow you to get reduced price tickets while they are available.  I recommend getting your tickets early because it will likely sell out.  Check out for more information.

I'm not sure what my next blog post will entail, but until then you can read my previous post about the steak experiment I'm participating ing.


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