Steak Experiment, Part 2

16 pound Ribeye cut and prepared for sous vide
I'm about half way through my 6 weeks of eating nothing but steak.  The first two weeks consist of steak, salt and water.  The second two add in caffeinated coffee and the third two replace the coffee with decaf.  I underestimated the amount of effort that it takes to record everything you eat precisely.  So I thought I'd use this post to let you know the logistics.  It makes me truly appreciate the effort that people like Dave Feldman and Siobahn Huggins go through when performing experiments.

I happen to be using the sous vide to cook all of my steaks.  It makes it easier to get them exactly how I like them.  So I tend to put two steaks in the sous vide in the morning.  I sear them in a cast iron frying pan when I get home from work.  One of them I eat for dinner, the other I cut up and put in a baggie for my lunch at work.  I just went to Costco and purchased 24 Ribeye steaks and 8 New York Strip.  That should get me mostly through the rest of the experiment

I have a water bottle that I fill with 20 oz of water.  I take a picture when I start a new bottle, and one when I empty it.  This allows me to record what and when I consumed everything throughout the day. (See the image below for an example day.)

We are supposed to eat steak to satiety, no fasting or bingeing.  But I've found that steak makes me hungry.  I appear to be eating far more calories than I did eating Keto.  Despite that my weight appears to be holding steady.

Click for full size image
I haven't gotten sick of steak.  I still really enjoy it.  However I have gotten sick of not eating anything else.  Cheese, chicken skin and bacon seem incredibly delicious to me right now.

At least this has been a good excuse to try a carnivore elimination diet.

My next blog post will most likely discuss our the Keto MinneFest being hosted by the Minnesota Ketonians group, but until then you can read my last post which discusses Keto MinneFest.


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