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Steak Experiment Conclusions

I did a six week steak experiment where I ate nothing but Steak with a little salt.  I had meant to write this blog post before now, but Keto MinneFest has been taking most of my spare time.  During the first two weeks, I drank only water.  No coffee was allowed.  Weeks 3 and 4 I also drank caffeinated coffee.  And weeks 5 and 6 I drank decaf along with my water. So first a few numbers.  Over the six weeks I ate 114 pounds of steak (~ 90 lbs of ribeye, 22 lbs New York Strip and 2 lbs of porterhouse), drank over 38 gallons of water, 4 gallons of caffeinated coffee and 3.3 gallons of decaf.  Over the six weeks I averaged 118 oz of water and 2.75 lbs of steak each day.  During the coffee weeks I averaged 38 oz of coffee each day.  During the decaf portion I averaged 30 oz of decaf.  I averaged about 3,000 calories each day.  This should have been sufficient to cause a calorie surplus. The two weeks prior to the experiment I ate keto to satiety, but without any extended fasting.  I wan