Steak Experiment Conclusions

I did a six week steak experiment where I ate nothing but Steak with a little salt.  I had meant to write this blog post before now, but Keto MinneFest has been taking most of my spare time.  During the first two weeks, I drank only water.  No coffee was allowed.  Weeks 3 and 4 I also drank caffeinated coffee.  And weeks 5 and 6 I drank decaf along with my water.

So first a few numbers.  Over the six weeks I ate 114 pounds of steak (~ 90 lbs of ribeye, 22 lbs New York Strip and 2 lbs of porterhouse), drank over 38 gallons of water, 4 gallons of caffeinated coffee and 3.3 gallons of decaf.  Over the six weeks I averaged 118 oz of water and 2.75 lbs of steak each day.  During the coffee weeks I averaged 38 oz of coffee each day.  During the decaf portion I averaged 30 oz of decaf.  I averaged about 3,000 calories each day.  This should have been sufficient to cause a calorie surplus.

The two weeks prior to the experiment I ate keto to satiety, but without any extended fasting.  I wanted my baseline blood draw not to have the con-founder of fasting.  During those two weeks I gained about 10 pounds.  I don't know how much was water weight vs fat vs lean mass, but the scale was 10 pounds higher.

I lost about 15 pounds during the first 10 days and then held steady for the rest of the experiment. I also noticed that it took a little over two weeks for me not to feel ravenously hungry. I was supposed to be eating to satiety.  When I was done eating I always felt full and didn't feel I could eat much more, but my body was still craving more.  I'm guessing that it wanted the variety it was used to.  After the 10 day mark it seem to subside and I no longer had intense cravings.

I was also using this as a test elimination diet.  Near as I can tell I don't have any food sensitivities for the keto foods that I eat.  While I felt good eating carnivore, it didn't seem to be a dramatic improvement.  I also didn't notice feeling any worse after the experiment ended and I re-introduced plant based foods.

Logistically, I ran my sous vide non-stop.  I'd typically put two large steaks in the sous vide in the morning, then finish them in a cast iron pan at night.  One of them I'd eat for my evening meal.  The other I would slice up to eat cold for lunch the next day.  (Cold steak was actually pretty good.)

One other surprising thing is I never got sick of steak.  I wanted to add other things, but steak still tasted good and I've already had steak several times since the experiment ended.

I didn't notice a huge change in  my labs, but I'm looking forward to hearing from Siobhan Huggins and Dave Feldman for their interpretation.

And with everything going on in my life, I don't know when my next post will happen or what it will be about.  Until then you can read my last post about my FreeStyle Libre.


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